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The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is a show that is adaptable to any kind of venue or event. A mixture of sensations, emotions and mysteries that will make you live an unforgettable experience.


The Sixth Sense is synonymous with intuition and extrasensory perception. The idea of extrasensory perception has existed since ancient times. In several ancient cultures such powers were attributed to those who used them as a second “sight” in order to communicate with deities, ancestors, spirits, etc…


Somnus is a show where participants, if they chose to can live an authentic session of hypnosis.

More than 60 minutes where the protagonist is YOU.

Dare to be a part of the hypnotic session in which things that you would have never imagined will occur.

Somnus (latin word) means the act of sleeping or the desire to do so (being sleepy).

Eyes that do not See

Can you imagine a show where the sense of sight disappears ?

Eyes that do not see… is an experience never before seen in which Jose Carlos, completely deprived of sight will delight you with a full range of emotions in which the entire audience will become the protagonists.

Is it possible to see through objects? Does x-ray vision exist?

“… because not all closed eyes are sleeping, and not all open eyes can see”